Alessi Justin

Alessi Justin Reyes is a dancer and choreographer born and based in Vienna, Austria. He discovered his passion for hip hop dance early on at the age of 5, feeling inspired by his siblings being in a dance group.

Later on in his life, he then began taking classes and attending workshops in Vienna, improving his skills and learning from various national and international choreographers at the age of 14. Continuously he committed to his dance training in Vienna at Empire Dance where he eventually had the pleasure to teach numerous workshops on his own.

2020 was the year in which Alessi started to see dance in a whole new perspective. He began to take training with international top choreographer Lyle Beniga in his online training course called „benigacapsule“ as well as enjoyed online training from choreographers such as Larkin Poyton and at Christopher Martin’s „Project home“.

All of this training has gained him valuable knowledge and foundation in dance styles like House and Beat Ya Feet. Currently he is participating in dance programs all over Europe like „Shay Program“ by Shay Latukolan.

In the last year, Alessi has had the opportunity to expand and teach his own international workshops outside of Austria in cities like Berlin and Barcelona.

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